Tj Maloney: CEO of Lincolnshire Management Inc.

Tj Maloney graduated from Boston College and Fordham University before joining Lincolnshire Management in 1993. As his career skyrocketed, Tj Maloney went back to his former schools and served on Boston College’s Wall Street Council and Board of Trustees for both universities.

When he’s not working, he’s traveling to different schools in his area giving lectures to the graduating class. Tj Maloney even gave lectures at the Columbia University MBA Program. In 2007, Fordham University awarded him the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award for his high moral standards.

After joining Lincolnshire, he quickly climbed the company’s corporate ladder. He shares the same passion for hands-on investing that made Lincolnshire successful. Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986 with the mission of investing in and acquiring growing middle-market businesses to assist before reselling.

To further their mission, Lincolnshire recently announced the hiring of four talented professionals. The first professional used to work at Lincolnshire as a young man, but left to pursue other opportunities. Matthew Nacier worked as an Analyst in 2014 and returned as a Senior Associate. Prior to rejoining, Nacier worked as the US Investment Director at Iconic Holdings and was part of the team that launched the first EU-regulated crypto index fund.

Nicolas Vega Llona will join Lincolnshire in August and will serve on the deal execution and diligence team as a Senior Analyst. Though he doesn’t have as much experience as Nacier, he served as Director of Business Development and Corporate Finance at Grupo Alese.

The two Analysts announced to be joining the company later this year are Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen. Both have little experience in investing but served on due diligence teams at respective companies. Ginodia worked at Noonmark Capital, and Stolt-Nielsen did a summer intern at Anthon B. Nilsen.

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