A Different Investment Approach

Timothy Armour is not only the chairperson of Capital Group but he is also the chief executive officer. The group is recognized worldwide as the leading investment managing company. Timothy Armour agrees with Warren Buffett on the existence of many expensive funds that short-change the investors and his dedication to simple investments with the capacity to be purchased for a long-term. Over the years, Warren Buffett has had a bottom-up investment approached that has over the years been successful.

Tim Armour agrees with most concepts that feature in Mr. Buffett’s annual shareholder letter. He agrees that the consumers should take caution on products labels. He reveals that most funds provided have poor returns and the opportunity cost quite underestimated. He is quick to mention that it is not about active or passive but rather about delivering quality long-term investment returns.

The notion of safety to better retirement should be challenged because index funds do not provide a cushion in down markets. Timothy Armour reveals that it is unfortunate that trillion of dollars have flowed in passive investment yet half of the investors were not aware that the index fund exposed them to 100 percent volatility.

Timothy Armour graduated with an undergraduate degree from a private liberal art college known as Middlebury College in Vermont, United States. After graduating, he joined Capital Group as an intern in 1983. He was on this program for a while. He later got a position of equity investment manager.

In the year 2015, upon the demise of chairperson James Rothenberg Timothy Armour was named chair of Capital Group.

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