A Look At Two Of Zeco Auriemo’s Biggest Real Estate Projects To Date

Zeco Auriemo is a very notable Brazilian entrepreneur. He has spent his career in the real estate industry with the focus of the last several years being building luxury property. He is the controller of JHSF which is a real estate development firm headquartered in Sao Paulo. His company builds residential properties, commercial, and has an executive airport.

His biggest project is Cidade Jardim which takes up several blocks in Sao Paulo. It is a combination of luxury residential towers and commercial buildings. Included in this massive project are the Fazenda Boa Vista condo tower and Fasano which is a hotel chain. Zeco Auriemo built a luxury mall at the heart of Cidade Jardim which has exclusive brands from around the world.

Zeco Auriemo decided to celebrate when he signed a deal to have Rene Caovilla open a store in his mall. this is a high-end Italian shoe brand headed by Edoardo Caovilla. Zeco Auriemo invited Caovallia as well as other high-profile guests such as Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife, Caroline and Benjamin Steinbruch, Daniela and Jose Seripieri Filho, and Anna Claudia and Flavio Rocha.

He has also built an apartment tower in New York City. Zeico Auriemo purchased a property on 5th Avenue right across from the east side of Central Park. This is some of the most sought-after property in the world. Many millionaires in entertainment live in this neighborhood including actors, musicians, directors, and executive.

Zeco Auriemo bought the property for $32 million and transformed an 1871-built building into a luxury 14-story tower. He personally supervised the building of this tower by temporarily moving to New York City along with his wife and children. His kids attended school in New York while he made sure the project stayed on time and on budget.

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