Achievements of Nicolas Krafft

L’Oreal is an international beauty company best known for its general beauty products such as skincare and sun protection. Nicolas Krafft served as the vice president of this company from 2014 to 2018. He currently serves as General Manager of Pulp Riot International which is also based in L’Oreal. He has played a major role in achieving the success of this company.

Last year, L’Oreal held their annual fashion and beauty show. The show involved mentioning of various names of the participants who took place in the show. The main theme of establishing the show was to bring out the diversity involved in women beauty. Various famous celebrities participated in models in the show. The show also involved highlights of various innovation aspects in the beauty industry. The show flooded with famous people who can for the purpose of supporting the brand.

The season’s latest fashion looks were showcased in this big event. This also created a good chance for the company to show its coming devotion to creating more fashion and beauty product which are available globally. This event was broadcasted to more than 30 countries which also involved the display of new product from Chopard.

L’Oreal offers employment opportunities to thousands of people globally. This has a positive impact on boosting the economic status of society and the nation as well. Celebrities can also access modeling jobs through show activities held by L’Oreal.

Nicolas Krafft started working at L’Oreal around 15 years ago. During his service in the company, he performed other managerial duties such as marketing director. He has been crucial in driving this company to heights of success. He serviced in this position for a period of two years. While serving as a manager, he gained knowledge as well as experience which got him promoted to his current position.

Nicolas Krafft demonstrated excellence in every task he was undertaking. He was relied on by the company in offering consultation on how to plan special activities. He creates links to the strategies needed in compacting risk and also getting more clients for L’Oreal.

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