All you Need to Know about Aaron Lupuloff

For those dwelling in Gwinnett County, then the name Aaron Lupuloff brings a smile to your face. Aaron is the senior most executive director of GCPSF, Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. Because of his dedication to bettering the lives of the students, and the community as a whole, he has become a renowned figure in the U.S. He was recently interviewed by, and here’s what he had to say about who he is and what he does for his community.

The Interview

When asked where the idea to start GCPSF came from, he said that it was inspired by the response he got after starting Norcoss High School, NHS, Foundation. He says that the foundation was beneficial to the teachers and students alike. With GCPSF, he realized that they could help many more students and their teachers to make a better community. There are more than 180,000 students in Gwinnett and his organization is committed to helping them have brighter futures.

What His Day Entails

The GCPSF is all about helping students achieve their goals, funding their scholarships, supporting learning and teaching, developing leadership, innovating, and funding all forward-thinking programs in Gwinnett County schools. With this, his day entails encouraging, educating, and empowering Gwinnett’s teachers and students. He always steps in to help the needy. His main motivation comes from knowing that there are students and teachers who need funds t make their lives bright, and his organization is the only one that can help them.

Making Ideas a Reality

To make sure that they have fresh ideas to work on and to help meet their organization’s goals, they hold weekly sessions where they brainstorm. In addition, he stays in touch with other community activists who help with ideas and advice on what to do to meet GCPSF’s goals.

According to youngupstarts, one of the things that Aaron Lupuloff has noticed is that focusing on the most challenging students helps to bubble up learning and thus make everyone more successful. Aaron has also realized that in order to make a community better, he has to listen to the thoughts and ideas of every group of people; this includes the rich and the poor alike. As an adult, he has leaned that it is important to be patient, humble, and ask for help. Aaron also believes that failure is one of the things in life that teaches you great lessons. Thus, he encourages people not to be afraid of failing. Aaron encourages communication as that is a way to learn from others and for others to learn from you.

More on Aaron Lupuloff

Aaron Lupuloff is a community advocate, something he has done for many years. He has a strong background in the management of finances. He has held the positions of president, VP, and treasurer at the Norcross High School Foundation. He and his wife have been helping the community, and their efforts have been recognized by many. Not only have they changed the lives of many teachers and students, they have assured them of a better tomorrow.




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