Andrey Andreev: Creator Of Dating Tech Companies

Badoo was created by Andrey Andreev. Badoo is a Cyprus based tech and dating company. Badoo has a diverse database of users they serve. People from 190 countries access the company’s dating platform. The app is popular to many people because of its advanced online dating features. In November of 2006, Andrey Andreev founded Badoo. Little did he know that his dating app company would go onto be highly successful. In 2016, it was a highly popular app to download. Countries around the world view the app as a legend in the dating app world (Forbes).

Andrey Andreev an entrepreneur that has spent his career dedicated to creating and building successful companies, primarily tech companies. The many companies he has launched have gone onto becoming legendary or have successful exits. In addition, his partnerships have also garnered him a lot of respect a notable businessman. Badoo is a leading dating app company that specializes in creating quality romantic relationships between people. Andrey is Badoo´s founder.  Lumen, Chappy and Bumble are other major tech companies he has planned a major role in. Magic Lab is his holding company. This holding company is suppose to be the umbrella over all the other companies he has a part in. Magic Lab will be a cohesive place where these companies together and form into one.

Magic Lab will be highly technological like everything else Andrey Andreev produces. The tech founder has created a unique integrated technology platform that will be a shared platform amongst the brands in Magic Lab. The engineers he has hired to create this shared platform have created a detailed and highly unique system that will push Magic Lab ahead of the pack by being a leading holding company of technology brands. 

The Russian technology Mogul has risen to power, success and fame due to his persistence and committed to establishing exceptional companies that transform entire industries. The demand of today’s dater is what he knows best. He understands that people want to develop connections over the internet. He understands they want to do so in a sophisticated way. Thus, he creates platforms that facilitate these romantic connections.


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