Steve Ritchie Has a Plan for Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie has taken ownership of all of the issues that Papa John’s faces moving forward, and he has laid out a plan to take them back to a position as market leader. Ritchie has spent the last year traveling the country getting feedback from employees and customers. He has listened to their concerns and he is taking proactive measures. Ritchie is getting the help of leaders in the fields of diversity and equality. He is determined to change the culture at the pizza giant. One of those ways is to increase the amount of minority run franchises. He will creating favorable incentives to make sure women and minorities feel supported in running their own chains.

Ritchie is also looking to increase the presence of the company in local communities. Each chain has a role to play in their unique communities. This include charity work and outreach into various areas. The people who know those communities the best are the employees, and so he is giving them more autonomy into how they help in their neighborhoods.

From a financial perspective, Ritchie is also laying out concrete plans on how to turn around several recent quarters of negative growth. He is behind a new advertising campaign, and he has recently partnered with NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal to be an ambassador for the company. It is part of an effort to reach out to millennials and Gen Z customers who he sees as a highly desirable demographic. Ritchie knows that it is possible to recapture old customers while at the same time attracting new customers. He hopes that the turnaround in finances will means a reduction in the amount of store closures in the United States. He is far more optimistic about the amount of new stores that be opened around the world in the coming year.


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