Ashley Lightspeed’s Role At Lightspeed

At a young age Ashley Brasier, also known as Ashley Lightspeed held an interest in architecture, which was her father’s career. She spent lots of her time admiring the work of his father. After some years, her interest changed to business, and she decided to gain the knowledge required to venture into one. She got her first degree in Visual and Media from Duke University and a Master’s in Business from Stanford University. Combining her excellent talent, Ashley Lightspeed joined Bain and Co as her first career venture. After years working with the company and shifting positions, Ashley moved to a new job at Thumbtack, working as the sector manager. Her central role in the company was to organize and host events. Join Linkedin to view Ashley’s profile.

As Ashley was still studying for her Master’s program, she worked on various projects that led her to secure a position at Lightspeed Venture Capital. Her first experience with Lightspeed was at a function she had planned for while still working for Thumbtack. In the service, Ashley met some Lightspeed’s team and made a connection with them. From her education and vital skills, she has brought about diversity and innovation to Lightspeed. She has led to a substantial growth of the firm through the years. She was the first staff at the firm to advocate for the importance of women in the retail business.

Ashley LightSpeed is seeing her goal of helping other women grow to become people of substance in the community. Lightspeed is now hiring more women into their company. She has seen a lot of successful undertakings in the company, such as the introduction and development of new brands that have led to the general expansion of the company. Apart from Lightspeed, Ashley has also seen the growth of other companies, thus creating more opportunities for the underrepresented people in society, especially women. Learn more:

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