Bennett Graebner Makes Reality Television Look Like Reality

Since the series premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor in 2002, it has been a pop culture phenomenon. Bennett Graebner serves as the executive producer of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Since attending Vassar College as an undergraduate, the Buffalo New York native knew that he was cut out for something other than a traditional 9 to 5 job. He went on to earn an MFA from the USC. While at USC he was able to work on individual and group projects while networking to help to get his foot inside the door for a career in the arts. 

He began work in the entertainment industry as a production assistant and worked his way up to various positions including cinematographer and best boy grip. Doing so led him to have a better understanding of how the business works in a professional manner as well as technically and allows him to be aware of the challenges each persona at his team work have to face (Mylife). 

Reality television has been an area in television where Graebner thrived and he has also served as a producer for Bachelor Pad and Love at First Kiss. Graebner continues to create and develop additional projects. His shows have been recognized by the BMI Film & TV Awards. Bennett also won the Teen Choice Awards. They focus on the 18 – 34 demographic which is much sought after by advertisers and production companies as well. Graebner credits a great part of his success to always being on the lookout for new ideas. This comes from even talking to friends to looking for whatever is already in the news. 

Bennett Graebner also credits much more foundational things to his success. He believes in being nice to people and being honest is a key to a good life. Graebner states he always makes a point to treat those that work for him with respect. He does not let the fear of failure hold him back or affect him in a negative way. With Bennett Graebner in the reality television world, be on the lookout for more hookups and other equally exciting adventures for many years to come. 


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