Betsy DeVos and Attention

Betsy DeVos wants education to be the most powerful thing in the world. She knows deep down that it already is. She received an incredible education thanks to an institution of higher learning in Holland, Michigan. The name of the institution is Calvin College. DeVos went to this school when she was a lot younger. She went to it before she got married. She used to be called Elisabeth Prince. She’s been Betsy DeVos for many superb decades. Marriage with Richard or “Dick” DeVos is something that fills her with a sense of boundless joy. They have kids who make them beam all of the time.


DeVos enjoys working on a daily basis. She has a job that’s rare yet demanding. Being a Secretary of Education isn’t exactly simple. It’s also a position that comes with a lot of esteem. President Donald J. Trump knew in his heart that DeVos would thrive in the job. She has thrived in it as well. She never likes to disappoint the people who believe in her.


This woman has many thoughts that relate to American educations. She doesn’t ignore all of the dilemmas that are associated with education in the huge North American nation. There are many students in the country who have no choice regarding educational journeys. They sometimes have to go to schools that aren’t suitable for their minds. They sometimes have to go to schools that don’t offer programs that can help them shine. DeVos wants all students in her homeland to be able to flourish. She talks to so many parents who want only the best for their little ones. She can sense the frustrations these people often have. They often feel vulnerable with regard to all educational matters.


DeVos doesn’t like competing. She has no desire to be the top philanthropist. She has no desire to be the “best of the best” in the charity sector, either. All she wants to do is help make the world a much better place. She doesn’t want people to have to lead lives that are dark and bleak. She wants to give people hope any time she can. She thinks that hope has the ability to make the world go round.


Why do people smile when they see DeVos? They smile because they know that she’s 100 percent authentic. She doesn’t ever put up fronts. She despises being around liars. She despises being around fakes overall. She likes to be completely sincere. She’s sincere when she talks about her husband and family members. She’s sincere when she talks about educational topics that involve American pupils, too. DeVos doesn’t brush off subjects that are relevant in this day and age. She pays close attention to them.


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