Betsy DeVos Continues to Rally Enthusiasm for Education Reform

Betsy DeVos is one of the most curious figures in President Trump’s administration. Ostensibly an outsider without political experience, Betsy DeVos has still worked in the field of education reform for nearly 30 years. Betsy DeVos has taken up the torch that prominent conservative writer Milton Friedman originally lit with regard to school choice. Betsy DeVos has been working a grassroots campaign in support of school choice since the mid-90s. Now, DeVos has the largest podium that she has ever possessed in her life. If DeVos is going to make school choice a reality, the time is now.


President Trump selected Betsy DeVos to serve as the Secretary of Education due to her prolific work as a private citizen. Despite what she was able to accomplish as a regular citizen, Betsy DeVos still came to Washington D.C. with a crowd of doubters surrounding her. DeVos had, perhaps, the most contentious Senate hearing out of all of President Trump’s nominations. Despite her struggles during the hearing, DeVos was confirmed, and she has since acclimated herself to the position. DeVos has been flying around the country in order to speak at prominent charter schools in order to fight for school choice. From Florida to California, DeVos has spoken with countless parents, students, and school administrators. Now, DeVos is setting her sights on legislative change.


While school choice was originally an outsider concept, it has since become part of mainstream conservatism. Betsy DeVos has been fighting to push federal tax dollars toward supporting private educational institutions, such as religious schools and charter schools. Additionally, DeVos has become a prominent supporter of education savings accounts as well as a voucher system. With these ideas all pulled together, DeVos has created a fascinating conservative package that could fundamentally change the school system as we know it.


Despite her enthusiasm, Betsy DeVos still has a long way to go before the rest of Ameriac signs off on her concepts. For starters, we are living in the most partisan political climate of the last one hundred years. Despite this partisan divide, Betsy DeVos continues to fight for what she believes in. DeVos has already taken face-to-face meetings with prominent education reform advocates and teacher union representatives. In those meetings, DeVos has had to contend with both skeptics and true doubters. With all of that being said, Betsy DeVos didn’t get to where she is by being easy to push around.


In the state of Michigan, Betsy and Dick DeVos are known for being prominent donors and activists. The DeVos family is also known for being able to debate with anyone. DeVos has gained a reputation for being astute, kind, and incredibly smart during her debates. Despite her calm demeanor and positive attitude, Betsy DeVos is absolutely fearless when it comes to debating her political opponents. Betsy DeVos has already stood up to President Trump, and she has even gained personal support from former colleagues from Michigan, including AG Mike Cox. Will this momentum be enough to get Betsy DeVos to the next level with her work? That’s what the world is waiting to find out.


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