Betsy DeVos Fights For Change

Betsy DeVos has been trying to change the world for good since she was a young adult attending Calvin College in mid-sized city Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was Elisabeth Prince back then, but her name would soon become synonymous with political activism. She started her political career with Calvin College campus politics and has been working for political change ever since. With the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, DeVos ascended to the highest position in education, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.


DeVos’ position is only the latest of a number of roles in politics that include heading the Michigan Republican Party and supporting her husband’s unsuccessful run for Michigan Governor against Democrat Jennifer Granholm. DeVos has worked on political action committees and led the effort to ask Michigan voters to accept school vouchers for private schools. DeVos believes that her political activism can solve social problems, and she has never wavered in her lifelong efforts to bring change to Michigan and the United States.


The DeVos family has also worked in a number of non-profit roles. DeVos has served on the board of the Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. She is also involved in Mars Hill Bible Church and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. DeVos references economist Milton Friedman to support her arguments for private school vouchers.


DeVos says that her efforts are paying off. She says that there are 250,000 students involved in school choice programs in the United States. She says that number is on the rise. The DeVos family is personally involved with multiple schools in the Grand Rapids area including Potter’s house and a specialty school at the Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford Airport.


DeVos says that her interest in education grew slowly as she researched the educational choices available to their four children. She says that she learned how important it is that all children have a quality education. It shouldn’t matter whether the parents can afford to pay for private school, DeVos says.


Ultimately, the DeVos children attended Grand Rapids Christian High School, a private day school in the Grand Rapids area. Grand Rapids Christian High School attracts students from the nearby area particularly those from Christian Reformed and Reformed churches. The eldest DeVos son, Rick DeVos, attended Pepperdine University before transferring to Calvin College. In her role as U.S. Secretary of Education, DeVos has worked to rescind Obama-era policies regarding due process for accused offenders in an education setting.


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