Betsy DeVos is Changing the Education Department for the Next Generation

When it comes to our children’s education everyone wants the best possible option for their kid. We don’t want our kids to have something that is second rate. We want our children to learn from the most advanced education option available so they can be the future that our country needs. The education secretary Betsy DeVos is currently handling the process of change in the department to improve the education system in the United States. This country has needed to make this move for quite some time, but Betsy DeVos is finally making that move.


Betsy DeVos has made moves to improve the education system by putting her influence at work by focusing on perfecting and modernizing the science and math curriculum for students of today tomorrow. With the backing of the rest of the department she has been able to work on this goal. The reason behind improving science and math studies is based on the importance of technology jobs in the future. It’s also a necessary move from a competitive angle based on students in other countries leading in science and math test scores compared to the United States. Betsy DeVos thinks it’s improtant to be a leader a to be equally or more trained for tomorrow than other countries.


The education department has been defective in numerous ways for the last decade when it comes to certain affairs. One of the most ineffective parts of the education department has been that they haven’t done more regarding certain rights and student safety. The school systems in the United States partially took steps to give bathroom rights to transgender school staff and students with a written ruling from Obama. This was removed by President Trump who disagreed with the rule. Betsy DeVos urges school districts to make their own rulings regarding this so as to protect students and staff who are transgender across the country. Betsy DeVos has also ensured not to ignore the plight of students when it comes to school shootings. She urged for Congress to debate the problems with school shootings and steps that could be taken to improve student safety and student’s access to mental healthcare. The call for debates in Congress has led to much support from members of Congress who want to discuss the issue of student safety.


Betsy DeVos has proven to be the kind of education secretary that takes a stand for something even when she is criticized. She isn’t afraid of the hard work her job requires. DeVos is the right person for the job right now and her placement and influence in the job with effect the future of the education system for years to come.


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