Betsy Devos Offers Education Support on Tour

It’s been non-stop for Betsy DeVos since she took office in 2017 under President Donald Trump. Appointed to the 11th Office of the US Education Secretary, DeVos has been working hard for education reform in America. It’s been her passion for many years, and to finally hold the highest position in the administration currently for education, she is exactly where she has always wanted to work.


However, DeVos has come under fire from the education community for her background. She has never worked as a teacher, though she is familiar and has worked with schools across the country. Her mother was also a teacher and used to talk about some of the issues facing students in America’s school system.


So how can these issues be fixed?


DeVos inherited a variety of problems from other administrations, including No Child Left Behind and common core method. While President Trump promised to end common core during his administration, this new method is still being taught in American schools. DeVos spoke in an interview in 2018 about the problems that she has faced since taking office in 2017. It’s been difficult to get more states to implement educational choice programs.


However, there have been a few successes. DeVos has worked hard to get more states on board and she has succeeded in Florida and Louisiana. In Florida, students have the most educational choice options. This means that students can choose to go to virtual schools or magnet programs, in addition to charter schools and private schools.


Many in the education community are concerned that taxpayer dollars will go towards private schools, but that’s not the case according to DeVos. She spoke on the issue during multiple interviews and also spoke about the philanthropy that has gone into making these programs work. With more than $35 million donated to education reform by DeVos, it’s clear that many of these programs are supported by donors who also campaign with the education secretary.


With donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton, Betsy DeVos has been able to implement more programs and gain support throughout difficult states. She is currently visiting schools with First Lady Melania Trump. They started their tour in Miami, Florida and have been working their way through the state visiting different charter schools.


DeVos will have a little under a year to work with more state leaders and convince them that educational choice is a good decision. It gives students the right to pick where they go to school, and it helps students in underprivileged areas who are forced to go to failing schools simply because of where they are zoned.


In addition, Betsy DeVos is working for school safety reform. She has been implementing new policies to help schools deal with gun violence and support campus security. It has resulted in less violence and no school shootings in 2019.


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