Betsy DeVos Raises Public Awareness for Educational Choice

A close inspection of the United States public school system would reveal that it is, in fact, failing. America’s ranking in the field of education falls wildly behind the rest of their closest competition on a global scale. Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education in President Trump’s cabinet, has more than made herself aware of this fact. In actuality, Betsy DeVos has spent almost her entire adult life working to raise awareness for the failing public school system so that real change can be introduced. Now, DeVos is in a position with the backing of a President that might enable her to bring change to the nation.


Betsy DeVos got her first up-close look at school choice almost thirty years ago. She and her husband had been touring different education facilities throughout Michigan when they visited Potter’s House Christian School. This school had been serving the lowest-income families in Grand Rapids with quality education for decades. DeVos visited the facility and instantly fell in love. She points out how excited the students were to learn and how great their grades were thanks to their quality teachers. Now, decades later, DeVos has donated countless personal hours and millions of personal dollars in order to support the establishment. Betsy DeVos fell in love with school choice when she saw its benefits, now she is trying to show those benefits to the rest of the nation.


Frequently flying to Florida, Betsy DeVos has become something of an aerial advocate. Spending her time speaking with voters about the benefits of school choice is likely her biggest role in the Department of Education. DeVos touts Florida as one of the most accomplished ‘school choice’ states in the country thanks to their tax credit system. There are numerous charter schools throughout Miami that are publicly funded, private-choice programs. The famous rapper Pitbull, known for philanthropic work in Florida, has even joined DeVos on her numerous excursions.


Betsy DeVos has always believed in a hands-on approach in order to render change. Throughout the early ’90s, DeVos was working hand-in-hand with prominent 501(c)(3) charities in order to support the school choice movement. Through her work with those non-profits, DeVos was able to help get legislation on the books for vouchers and tax credits, an integral aspect to educational choice. While the road to Washington D.C. has been a bumpy one, DeVos is showcasing why she is the perfect person for the job. Tireless in her advocacy, Betsy DeVos now has the eyes and ears of the nation on her. If DeVos can make school choice palatable for both sides of the political aisle, she might just be able to fundamentally change the nation forever. Who knows what will happen next?


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