Bhanu Choudhrie’s Daily Routines Proves He is Someone Worth Watching in the Finance World

Bhanu Choudhrie founded the C and C Alpha Group in 2001. Since then the company has become a power-horse, developing large investment portfolios with a specialization in emerging markets such as India and the Philippines. In addition to creating his company, Bhanu Choudhrie is also a well-known philanthropist. His passion for philanthropy is for a company that helps people with few financial resources or have health issues be able to get an education.

How does a person of this caliber become, and stay, successful? His daily routine includes getting up at six-thirty am, checking his email and watching the news. The news is important as it helps him be able to understand the world, which then makes it easier to invest.

Work starts at ten am, unless he has a business meeting over breakfast. Work consists of meetings and overseeing the day-to-day aspects of his business. There is always a lunch break, though sometimes they talk about work over lunch, and they all leave the building by six pm. He feels the six pm deadline is important because it allows people to have time to be creative, which will make them be more successful in the end.

After work, Bhanu Choudhrie either goes to the gym, kickboxing or goes swimming. He feels this is important for him to clear his mind and helps him to keep his energy up since he often works away from home.

Once physically better, he might have a dinner out, depending on where he is. Occasionally he will take work calls as well but after dinner, he is ready to watch a movie or read a book before going to bed around midnight.

In addition to making sure he has time for himself in the day, Bhanu Choudhrie also understands that failure is a part of the process and oftentimes we fail more than we succeed. This is a part of the process. He learns from it.

With that kind of attitude, it’s no wonder he is someone worth watching in the finance world.

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