Blake Mallen- Always Strives To Inspire Others

Blake Mallen took the traditional path as most of us do. He went to college where he studied prelaw. He did everything he could to make sure he graduated early and even did so with honors. Upon graduating, he landed an internship at the office of the District Attorney and had started working on his resume to become a successful attorney. He knew this wasn’t the job he wanted, it wasn’t a job he loved.

What is “Shift The Script”

Blake Mallen spent almost twenty years of his life doing things the traditional way, living his life the way others thought he should. Then he decided to take a different route and go off “The Script” to do the things he thought he was meant to be doing.

Blake Mallen is known as one of the Cofounders of globally known companies, ViSalus, Vi, and Liv. Mr. Mallen only builds companies that go along with his mission.

Once Blake decided to take the entrepreneur track, he made himself a millionaire by the age of twenty-five. Taking things a step further, during his thirties, he was the co-owner of a billion-dollar brand.

Blake Mallen is also known as a TED speaker who inspires to help people become who they are meant to be instead of who other people think they are supposed to be. He wants people to know “The Script” is no longer something that works for everyone and people need to figure out their passions and purpose in life. He strives to let people know they can shift the script anytime they want to make it fit them and their story.

Blake Mallen started at a young age in the traditional way all of us are pushed to do. Once he realized he wasn’t happy with that path, he made it a point to do what makes him happy and has done so with great success. He continues to inspire people not only in the USA but also internationally to be the very best they can be.

Blake Mallen Leads Liv Marketing Team to Earn International Branding Awards

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