Boraie Development Is Rebuilding New Jersey For A New Generation

While the housing market is finally starting to rebound, some neighborhoods have been left abandoned or devastated by the crash and need some extra tender loving care to return to their former glory. For New Jersey neighborhoods and in New Brunswick in particular, they are receiving that extra care, courtesy of Boraie Development. The business, led by founder Omar Boraie, is working to restore the real estate market in New Jersey neighborhoods, hoping to revitalize communities and polish the state’s image.

Boraie Development Works To Revive New Jersey Neighborhoods

Philly Purge draws attention to Boraie Development for their efforts to revitalize areas of New Brunswick through the development of real estate in the area. As one of the most sought after development companies in the state, Boraie Development works with banks and contractors to ensure a rapid and quality renovation of each property the company chooses to restore. Utilizing their own resources in addition to that of private investors, Boraie Development is able to employ the best architects and construction contractors, ensuring the finished properties will be beautiful to the eye and built to the best possible standards.

Omar Boraie first dedicated his development firm to restoring New Brunswick areas out of a love for the city, but also because he recognized a common need in the area. There were hundreds of people looking for better options in either rentals or sales, while financial groups were also expressing a hunger for new investments. Sourcing out Boraie Development as a middleman, Omar has been able to provide a need in the real estate community, while also restoring beauty to the city. You can visit to know more info.

Omar Boraie Opens Up About His Vision For New Jersey

Speaking with NJ Biz, the 73-year-old real estate developer explains that revitalizing New Brunswick has been his dream, even before the most recent real estate crash of 2008. For Omar, rebuilding the New Jersey town began in 1972, when the area was as bad as a city could get. The Boraie Development founder says people felt too frightened to walk the streets by 4:00 p.m. Omar adds that most middle and upper class families had abandoned the city in search of better neighborhoods.

Today, Omar Boraie can look out of his office windows on Albany Street and see a view of twinkling lights and bustling streets, but, 45 years ago, things were very different. On Albany Street alone, Omar counted 21 abandoned and debilitated buildings. He bought them up and approached the city with his plan for restoration. Now, decades later, Omar Boraie owns a business in a thriving community and Boraie Development has moved on to restore new neighborhoods. Check out

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