Business 101 & Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos has become a pioneer in Africa’s technological growth. She is the daughter of Angola’s former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos. As a youngster, this woman was taught the values of hard work by her father. Isabel dos Santos attended an all-girls school as a child, and she majored in electrical engineering as a young woman. Though this particular subject was her major in college, Dos Santos has gone on to work in a wide variety fields.  


This includes working in entertainment, construction, finance and education. Since her homeland of Angola has been behind the eight ball when it comes to advanced technology, she has made it her life’s work to bring Angola up to speed in order for it to become competitive with the rest of the world (TheNewsVersion).


Isabel dos Santos is seen by many as an entrepreneur. She is also seen by some as a philanthropist. Since Isabel dos Santos is the chairwoman of UNITEL Communications, the nation of Angola has benefited greatly. This country has been plagued by a lack of development, but all that has changed for the better. UNITEL is Angola’s biggest telecommunications company, and it’s now responsible for providing this nation with beneficial internet service.


Over 12,500 kilometers of high-speed cable has been put in place, and Santos has been the overseer of it all. In addition to that, she has played a major role in providing new jobs for many of the country’s residents. In total, more than 50,000 jobs have been created via Santos and UNITEL.


Speaking to the youth is high on her list of things to do. Society is moving even deeper into innovative technology, and the youth will need to have the necessary knowledge to control it. Isabel dos Santos travels around Africa discussing her future plans, and hopefully the youth can get something positive out of her ambitious plans.


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