Bustle Blogger Re-confirms the Power of Wen

If you battle with fine, limp, lifeless hair, you are not alone. A Bustle blogger by the name of Emily McClure may have just found the perfect solution. She underwent a 7 day experiment to test out the ultra-popular WEN Hair by Chaz to see if the stuff was just hype or if it was as wonderful as everyone claims it to be. She used the Fig version of the cleansing conditioner for her experiment. Her objection was to achieve volume and shine. She documented her experience over the entire week and her results were quite interesting.


When she first used the product on Day 1, she admitted that she was surprised at how much the directions instructed her to use. She lathered over 20 pumps of product into her thin hair as per the instructions. She mentioned that she noticed less hair fall out and it seemed as though her hair was thicker while the product was in her hair. After letting it sit for some time, she rinsed it out. She heat styled her hair as usual and was amazed at how soft and bouncy her hair was.

She followed the same routine each day for the remainder of the experiment, On day 6, Facebook friends commented on how healthy and shiny her hair had gotten. Emily had attempted to curl her hair, however her hair was too soft to maintain the curls.

At the end of the experiment, she concluded that the product was perfect for anyone that wanted shiny hair.

Emily is not the first person to experience such awesome results with WEN. The cleansing conditioner is infused with natural plant oils that soften and nourish the hair. It is a Sephora marketed 5-in-1 product that acts as a shampoo, a condition, a deep conditioner, a detangler and a hair mask. It has a few different variations to suite all hair styles.

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For more product info, visit the Wen hair Wikipedia page.

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