Carsten Thiel: Development of Impactful Medicine

Carsten Thiel is an MBA and Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry holder. He is the vice president, chief commercial officer, and executive of a Connecticut based company Alexion Pharmaceuticals. The company is the leading international organization in delivering strong execution of growth in ensuring the wellbeing of patients. Before holding these positions, he worked as a vice president within the Asia Pacific, middle Europe and East Africa where the company held its offices. In these regions, he was responsible for driving forward the commercial operations of the company. Besides, he guided in the launching of the company’ new product a well as the development of their portfolio. Within Switzerland, he has managed the global and regional functions of the company.

Before joining the company Alexio, Carsten Thiel worked in a couple of healthcare related companies. Among the companies was the Amgen where he served as the vice president within the European Offices. His tenure lasted for four years from 2011 to 2014 where he was in charge of regional operations. His incumbency was responsible for the launch of ten different medical products. The products launched were more specific to bone disorders, oncology, and nephrology. Before leaving the company, he was prepared to begin products in cardiology and inflammation. Through his leadership skills, he was able to develop the companies portfolio massively.

Besides serving as a Vice President in the company, he has held other executive ranks. In Germany, he served as a General Manager at CEE. Being proactive, he was able to expand the operations of the company in Russia. Besides he has served in Europe as Oncology Franchise head. Hoffman La-Roche is another excellent company where he has worked. The company developed pharma products, and Carsten was in charge of operations. Through his rich experience, he was the perfect candidate to serve in the positions he has in Alexion. The molecular biology and biochemistry knowledge he gained from the renown Max Planck Institute made him stand out in healthcare investments.

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