Chris Burch Sees Technology In Future Fashion Trends

Just like the industries of high technology, the fashion industry has changed a great deal over the decades. Christopher Burch, the Founder of Burch Creative Capital, says the future of fashion is in the fusion of what is fashionable with high tech. The future, it seems, will be a combination of past fashions together with present day trends. So, as both the fashion industry and technology grow, they are actually growing together.

With the invention of the music “boom box” in the 1970s, people started carrying their favorite music and radio stations around with them, wherever they went. Movies of that era were quick to feature someone carrying a boom box. When the small Walkman cassette player came along, music became more personal, more intimate, and not so much a public exhibition. The listening experience was taken smaller and more private with the more recent release of iPods and other small digital music players. The technology for music has grown, at least partially, because of how fashionable the players were in each era.

Just as the music industry and the ways in which people acquired and listened to music have radically changed, so fashion is being transformed by the application of high tech gadgetry. The possibilities for experimentation are endless. a Dutch fashion designer named Anouk Wipprecht has created many innovative creations. For instance, she invented a self-painting dress and a dress that automatically mixes drinks. She is also the designer of the DareDroid and Pseudomorphs technology fashion creations.

Christopher Burch started Burch Creative Capital. As the CEO he continues to create business incubation, startup support, helping to scale client businesses up as they grow, finding new ways and means to market products and services. He has a long history of driving through to success for four decades.

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  1. Burch has been instrumental in the success of over 50 client companies. He has a keen insight into consumer behaviors, international business, and experience outsourcing. That is really what some can do for so many people.

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