Cotemar: Over 36 Years Of Experience In Serving The Oil Industry

Cotemar is a major oil company which provides highly performed services in oil and gas industry. It is a purely Mexican firm established in the 1979 and based in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. Cotemar also cooperates with other companies in the United States and Europe.

Services that are provided are mainly maintenance, maritime, engineering, restoring and supporting vessels, providing decks for construction, services for hotels like catering, laundry as well as entertainment facilities like movie theaters, courts, fitness areas. Also, they support the whole operation and maintenance of vessels used for material or extract transportation on

Cotemar is currently among the major companies that are taking the plunge in the country’s renewed energy industry on They are widely known for their excellent services and experience assisting PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos), the oldest and most significant oil company in Mexico. When it comes to oil extraction underneath the water, the services needed are very demanding. The company is a fundamental factor in the transportation channel, which now takes over in a landscape where until recently only PEMEX was operating. They help their clients repair their oil rings. When a threat of a hurricane is in the fore ground, they have to make sure that their equipment is safe and secured to operate under any circumstances on Their staff is highly qualified so that they can repair oil rings in order them to operate best. Cotemar will take over when customers need their oil rings to be fixed.

Cotemar has in its personnel over than 8000 employees who make sure that the over 30 vessels they operate are functioning excellently. They do contribute to the local oil economy’s thriving. The company is an excellent work provider at which supports and cares about its staff. Food service for the personnel is among the best benefits of employment. One can have and amazing meal while on duty during a work day. Another benefit is educational and training programs that emphasize in safety and work performance. They also give motivation and opportunities for further educational skills and professional evolution.

Cotemar to fulfill its sustainability obligations, it has set high standards for its function and performances. Its management has been ISO 9001:2000 certified. Also, their ships have been certified as well for safety. Therefore, servers and management software applications have been installed for its Information Technology needs.

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