Dabie Tsai Discusses the Future of Accounting


Dabie Tsai, an industry expert in accounting, believes that the future of the field depends on the choices that people make today. For instance, she insists that the role of women in the industry is likely to become more significant because they are starting to show interest in positions that were initially reserved for men. She foresees the entry of more women into these positions and, therefore, the workplace is likely to change significantly, and this will have a more significant impact on the kinds of practices that will shape the entire industry.

The Role of Technology

According to Dabie Tsai, technology will play a significant role in the future of accounting. She points out the use of software and other technological innovations as the leading reason why women are getting interested in the industry. Indeed, the past decade has seen a revolution in technology, and it has positively impacted the industry. Therefore, she foresees a situation where more women will take up accounting courses to join the industry. This, according to her, will be the turning point that will bring a lot of changes to the industry, which has been under constant change for several years.

The Importance of Diversity

Tsai also says that there should be diversification of roles, which will change the quality of accounting services. According to her, companies that embrace diversity when recruiting accounting staff members stand a better chance of prospering compared to those that still hold rigid views when it comes to hiring. Tsai believes that diversity should be about everything, not just gender. For instance, she advises organizations to look for accountants with different backgrounds because each one of these professionals will bring unique ideas to the management and, therefore, it will be much easier to solve accounting problems than when they only have one type of employee.

Identification of Talent

Dabie Tsai advises organizations to do is work to identify talent. She says that even though accountants should have academic qualifications and experience, talent plays a significant role when it comes to their productivity. Talent should be identified at the point of hiring so that when a new employee comes on board, the employer knows the kind of unique talent that they bring with them. Talent can also be grown, especially when you identify the unique things that an accountant can do. If you hire and promote employees based on their talent, it will be easy to build a culture of productivity.

Dabie Tsai also believes that promotions in an organization should focus on growing individual skills. She says that if women are promoted and given the same opportunities as their male counterparts, accounting will become an even better profession, and there will be a revolution based on skills, talent, and commitment to the best accounting practices.

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