Dan Bethelmy-Rada : Brand Marketing Genius Of An Industry Titan

I think most women can agree that when it comes to quality beauty products, L’Oreal stands as a behemoth among others. The L’Oreal brand has global reach and continues to redefine the term “beauty products” with its unique collections and innovative products. L’Oreal has most certainly cemented itself as a top contender in the beauty industry. But the success of this household name depends entirely on capable and bold individuals who are willing to take risks and take the L’Oreal brand to new heights.

One name that comes to mind among these people is Dan Bethelmy-Rada. Dan Bethelmy -Rada took over the mantle of Global Brand President in the L’Oreal professional products division in 2015. His brilliant marketing strategies keep him a step ahead of the competition in a highly saturated market.

As the Global Brand President, Dan is respected among his peers for his willingness to explore new ways to improve the marketing of the brand with his colleagues. His resume speaks for itself and gives merit and credibility to his talents.

For instance, before L’Oreal Dan Bethelmy-Rada was the Deputy General Manager at Garnier International, another very recognizable and familiar brand for many. He has a degree in International Business as well as an MBA and has been involved with many cosmetics companies playing different roles which only boosted his knowledge in the field.

Dan Bethelmey-Rada was born in Venezuela and then relocated to Paris when he was 16. He has traveled far and wide and developed a multi-dimensional perspective of what beauty is. He learned that real beauty can come from unexpected places as long as your willing to look beyond what is socially acceptable.

If there was ever a man more qualified to take over such an important role its Dan Bethelmy-Rada. With his determination and laser focus, there is no hurdle too big that can’t be tackled. He is truly a force to be reckoned with in the industry. There is no doubt that Dan Bethelmy-Rada will leave his footprint in the beauty products industry and be a fine example of confidence and leadership for future prospects.

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