Dan Bethelmy-Rada works with Matrix/ Biolage as their Global Brand President. They recently launched a product, R.A.W that is made up of natural ingredients. The product was released in the US, and it received overwhelming praise from users. According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, 90% of the reviews were positive, and the reviewers went ahead to say that they could not remember how their hair felt before using the shampoos. After this success in the US, Dan and his team are planning to carry out a global debut and hope that it will turn out as successful as the one in the US. Most people these days prefer to use products that are all-natural and have zero environmental effect. This is what propelled Dan Bethelmy-Rada to come up with R.A.W. The product is scientifically proven to be valid and reliable as it has undergone several lab tests. Dan and his team looked for some natural ingredients and tested them in the lab to check if they are biodegradable and if they caused land retardation. They derived their ingredients from honey, plants, fungi, and minerals. The packaging of the product was also not left out as it was made from recycled materials. To minimize the use of resources during production, Dan and his team had to study the life cycle of various formulas to know how long they lasted.Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s goal was to manufacture a product that was effective and reliable but still maintained the standards of naturalness. He, therefore, joined hands with L’Oreal to come up with the product. They faced difficulties during the process of manufacturing, but through hard work, they were able to overcome these issues. The cost of production was very high which in turn affected the price at which the product would be sold. Several scientists had to be hired to test the authenticity of different materials leading to use of a lot of money. Importing materials from different places also used up a lot of money. An education program was conducted to educate people on the importance of using products with natural ingredients. More than 7000 hairstylists showed up who in return spread the news.

Find out more about Dan Bethelmy-Rada: https://twitter.com/DanBethelmyRada

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