Darien Dash and the Intricacies of the Business World

Entrepreneur, Darien Dash, has always intertwined his career in the business world with his passion as an activist, championing minorities around the world in an effort to bring forth equal opportunities on the technological front. Today, Darien Dash is the Chief Executive Officer of The Movement Management Firm, which, since its inception, has helped to guide innovative companies, both, budding, as well as, established, regarding the intricacies of the business world. Despite his diverse portfolio, Mr. Dash is especially recognized for his contributions to the entertainment industry. In the early 1990s, while a freshman at the University of Southern California, Darien Dash joined forces with his cousin, Damon Dash, to launch Roc-A-Bloc Records, which would go on to sign the eventual musical juggernaut, Jay-Z. Damon Dash, the Chairman of Roc-A-Fella Records, as well as Darien Dash’s stepfather, Cecil Homes, would both play integral roles in his development as a successful entrepreneur. In 1994, Darien Dash made history, launching the first African American internet company to be traded on Wall Street, DME Interactive Holdings. To know more about Darien visit crunchbase.com

The inspiration behind the launch of Darien Dash’s latest company, The Movement Management Firm, can be found in his time operating within the business world. Over time, the knowledge and experience that he’d accrued made The Movement Management Firm the most logical step on the evolutionary timetable. As the CEO of The Movement Management Firm, Darien Dash works with a number of diverse clients, ranging significantly in size and experience, yet despite his often unpredictable schedule, he staunchly adheres to a strict set of guidelines that enables him to function efficiently and effectively.

Each morning, he begins his day a 7:00 AM, answering calls from clients, followed by meetings with his staff that allow them to remain abreast of the most pertinent goals for the day. In order to bring his ideas to life, Mr. Dash frequently consults with his staff to create the most efficient plan for the particular client. Much of this progress relies on developing longstanding relationships, allowing for goals to be achieved quickly and effectively.


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