Distinguished James River Capital Creator Paul Saunders Has A Few Important Points Of Consideration For Today’s Entrepreneurs That Are Seeking Funding For Their Endeavors

The James River Capital Corp. often referred to simply as James River, is based out of the U.S. state of Virginia. The firm is the creation of entrepreneur and investment expert Paul Saunders and its history stems back to the year 1986. In 1995, Paul Saunders took the company independent from its original parent company KP Futures Management Corp. These days, James River Capital Corp. operates as an investment firm with registration through the SEC. The firm is a trusted advisor in the commodities sector. Due to his impressive track record for entrepreneurial success, Paul Saunders of James River Capital Corp. often provides sound advice to today’s entrepreneurs that are aspiring to attain their successes. He recently weighed in on the subject of funding a new business and gave his expert advice on how today’s entrepreneurs can find that critical funding that they seek for their endeavors.


Having a good idea is the initial step in creating a valuable business venture. After the critical step of coming up with an idea that has value and potential, it is necessary for an entrepreneur to figure out how to make that idea becomes a tangible reality. A huge part of this is finding the capital necessary to fund this new business venture. This can oftentimes prove to be a daunting task and can cause many entrepreneurs to become disheartened. Today’s aspiring entrepreneurs and business creators can turn to the advice of seasoned entrepreneurs such as James River Capital’s Paul Saunders. He has years of experience in running successful businesses and knows a great deal about how entrepreneurs can find critical startup capital to turn their business dream into a reality.


One tip that Paul Saunders has for today’s aspiring entrepreneurial community in terms of funding their businesses is based on the concept called bootstrapping. In this method, a business owner utilizes funding such as savings and credit cards or they find a family member or friend that is willing to invest capital into the business. When potential investors see that you have invested your own money into your business and have friends and family that are willing to invest in you, it makes it more likely that they will want to invest in your idea as well. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/jamesrivercc


Crowdfunding has become a popular method for founding startup ventures and Paul Saunders is an advocate for this method as well. If you have a great idea that people are interested in, then crowdfunding can serve as a great way to raise that funding that you need for your business. This also has the effect of drawing on other investors. A successful crowdfunding campaign indicates that a business idea is a good one and one that the public is intrigued by.

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