Doe Deere A Russian immigrant Success Story

Doe Deere is a successful woman entrepreneur that started a makeup line exclusively on the Internet. The fact is that at that time, there were very few successful online female entrepreneurs. Today, Doe Deere is a role model for many up and coming female entrepreneurs. Certainly, it is her background that gave her the strong motivation to start her own business enterprise. Doe Deere is a Russian immigrant that came to America during her teens. Her beginning was rough, but it is all smooth sailing now for the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Coming To America

At one time, Doe Deere was just a little Jewish girl that was growing up in Russia. She had a love and fascination for everything that was American. She was totally obsessed with the American culture, which led to her developing her English language skills at an early age. Even at that age, her dream was to immigrate to America and to live out her dreams. At the age of 17, Doe Deere along with her mother and sister immigrated to America and landed in New York City. Certainly, it was instant an culture shock for the young Doe Deere. She immigrated from a much smaller city to a large metropolis. The noise pollution and the number of people was staggering. The money soon ran out and Deere, along with her sister and mother were forced to move to a shelter in Manhattan.

Big Dreams

Still, Doe Deere held on to her dreams to become a fashion designer. Doe Deere and her family were lucky to connect with a female immigration lawyer that recognized the potential of the young Doe Deere and her family. This immigration lawyer was instrumental in helping the family leave the shelter and find their own apartment. Soon, her mother was working and Deere attended the Fashion Institute Of Technology, while her sister attended another school.

Today, Doe Deere relates that her beginnings were rough, but perhaps the hardship was a blessing in disguise. Those early struggles made her very resilient and helped her to develop strength to follow her dreams and achieve her goals.

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