Doe Deere- The Queen of Unicorns

Doe Deere, a Russian born native, moved the the United States at the tender age of 17. She had big dreams to pursue a career as a musician. She set her sights high on New York City, to obtain those dreams. As a musician she was opened up to the world of marketing and the vast appreciation she encountered as people began attending her events. She learned what it was like to start a career, even though when she was 13 and living in Russia, she had dabbled in her own little business of selling enhanced temporary tattoos. This would only become the start of her entrepreneurial path.


During her career as a musician, and living and growing up in New York City, she met her soon to be husband. They were both songwriters and in the same band together. However, promoting the band together was the beginning of it all for Doe Deere. She began to turn her attention to makeup and that is where she saw her truest potential. She found other people that felt just as strongly as she had and that is how the make-up company, Lime Crime, was born.


Doe Deere always gravitated towards brighter and more unusual colors. However, back in 2008, brighter colors were difficult to find as the makeup companies during that time only highlighted the more natural looks. Doe Deere then decided to make her own bright line of makeup and in doing so her company surprisingly started to profit as many girls took interest in the brighter makeup trend as well. Doe Deere felt that her makeup gave her the freedom to be herself, without fear of judgement. She had hoped that other women who bought Lime Crime would feel the same. Also having majored in fashion design, she feels that makeup and fashion go hand in hand and that we express ourselves by how we style our bodies, our hair, and what we put on our face.


Having succeeded in business by following her dreams and her passion, Doe Deere says that the best advice she could give to young entrepreneurs looking to do the same, is for them to tune into what is special about themselves; their unique qualities or skills. She says that is when they will start to blossom. “Go where you love”, she says, and really explore that. Learn more:


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