Doe Deere’s Dream Comes True In U.S

Doe Deere was born in Russian, she was famous for her ’80s disco music. Currently, she’s known in the fashion world for her Lime Crime makeup collection. Doe Deere relocated to the U.S as a teenager to pursue her career in music as well as start a makeup line.

In 2004, Doe Deere registered lime crime on eBay. She modeled everything on her own. The idea for a makeup brand came from her days while she was sewing when she discovered that coming across bright colors was hard. The brand Lime Crime was later launched in 2008 and since then it has earned enormous success.


Currently, the firm now boasts of owning an extensive line of a variety of loose pigments, four eye shadow palettes, a line of rainbow-colored liquid liners, a selection of glittery lip gloss, a seemingly limitless line of criminally coveted lipsticks, and a whimsical set of pastel nail polish.

To some of Doe Deere’s customers, the Doe’s lacy gloves look like they’re hiding fists of iron, but the real Doe is not a wild person but creative in an unusual way.


Some of the challenges faced by Doe Deere while beginning her start up

In the cosmetic industry, she found it challenging to partner with the right lab technician. Doe Deere was looking for someone who was not perfect in her line of duty, but also a professional who believed in her imagination to come true. In all Doe Deere’s products, she has stood by them from infancy to earning a celebrity status.

The definition of success from Doe Deere’s point of view

Success is having a vision and then building on it till your consumers are proud of your results and start wearing your product like in the scenario of Lime Crime lipsticks. Success is to see the satisfaction and happiness in other people.


Doe Deere’s greatest success

Her biggest success is when she introduced a new category of lipstick to the market which was known as liquid-to-matte lipstick. The lipstick sticks and does not crumble after wearing it for a whole day, its vegan i.e it contains no meat ingredients, and is not transferable. Doe Deere says that she worked alongside a chemist for months until it was right.


Doe Deere’s role model

Kimberley Gordon is her role model; she is the brains behind Wildfox.  Lime Crime and Wild Fox were both discovered around the same time and both appeal to a similar type of a customer.

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