Dr. Dov Rand, Expert in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr . Dov Rand has had an experience of over 21 years in the psychiatry and healthcare world. Currently, he works in New Jersey as healthcare specialist collaborating with other medical startups within the state. Gaining his rich knowledge in healthcare, He attained a degree in medicine from Howard University College of Medicine. Dr. Dov Rand specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation where he offers his services among other doctors at Chilton Medical Centre. Growing up, he has the determination to work and helping other people with physical ailments. He carried the determination in his work where he brought much change in the medical field. Moreover, he focuses much on improving his patient’s health thus innovating and implementing new ideas.

Through focusing in restoration and rehabilitation in the patient’s soft tissues, many patients have been added a longer life enabling them to do simpler tasks on their own. To be noted, he has helped many patients with disabilities over the many years of service. Being the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, he has allowed patients to monitor their own health from home. Dr . Dov Rand has always had a keen interest in health nutrition hence focusing on that field of study. He has strongly supported the need to take physical medicine in regard to rehabilitation of patients.

Together with his team that involves nurses, psychologists and therapist among others, they focus on recovering the patients from hormonal imbalances, age related diseases and sex hormones imbalances. He uses bioidentical therapy and testosterone replacement therapy, where most patients are able to regain their health quite fast. Dr. Dov Rand has learnt to incorporate such age related therapies in his medical facility through the use of FDA approved products.

These field of medical studies has not been much explored according to Dr. Rand but due to the upcoming technological innovations, he encourages researchers to widely explore the anti-aging research programs. Dr. Dov Rand´s advice to younger psychiatrist to gain much knowledge since it contributes much in the development and awareness of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Such knowledge includes protocols in doing physical exercises, food supplements and dietary.

Find out more about Dr. Rand´s medical method at https://medium.com/@drdovrand/dr-dov-rand-treatments-e6aa8fe4f5a7

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