Dr. Jejurikar Overview

The world of cosmetic surgery is a vast and incredibly future-forward field. The technology behind improving our appearance surgically has taken leaps and bounds in the past decades, far surpassing what could have been imagine 50 years ago. Procedures that used to be risky or have low success rates are now safer, better and easier to perform thanks to modern technology. We can now enjoy the luxury of cosmetically enhancing the body without fear of dramatic or unpleasant effects. One plastic surgeon that is receiving special attention for his excellent work in his specialty procedures is a doctor named Sameer Jejurikar. He is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and sees patients throughout Texas and the United States. He is making a name for himself in his body contouring surgeries, including breast and buttock enhancement and augmentation.

Sameer Jejurikar has achieved a higher level of education, going on to pursue post-graduate training that goes above the standard training levels of most plastic surgeons we see today. With this training, he has learned the most innovative and modern techniques for cosmetic surgery in the face, body, and breasts. His work is regarded as superb, but what his patients remark most about Sameer Jejurikar is his caring and attentive attitude. He helps patients to feel calm and confident about their surgery.

He is a widely recognized cosmetic surgeon who was a part of his honor society and earned special training to further his expertise. He is a member of a number of plastic surgeon associations and has even published a number of chapters, articles and research papers about his clinic work. More than anything, his patients come to him for his Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries. This is a procedure that grafts gluteal fat and shapes the buttock into an ideal “A” shape to achieve a higher beauty standard.

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