Dr. Saad Saad Makes Big Changes To The Endoscope

Nobody knows more about using medical equipment than the medical professionals who are in contact with them every single day. This is what makes the innovation by pediatric surgeon Dr. Saad Saad so impressive.

While he may not have created endoscopes and catheters, he has made functional changes to the devices that make them much easier to use and better for the patients as well. Dr. Saad Saad is always looking for ways to make the experience for his patients better and by creating these inventions he could potentially change the lives of people that he will never meet around the world. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/ and https://patch.com/new-jersey/longbranch/when-child-swallows-foreign-object-advice-dr-saad-saad

Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of surgeries on children and during these experiences, he has realized that certain devices have a lot of room for improvement. One of these devices that he realized could use some changes is the endoscope. An endoscope is a piece of medical equipment that is used to see the inside of their patient’s body.

In essence, it’s a long tube with a small camera on the end that can be used to view the body through orifices or surgical incisions. Unfortunately, the human body is filled with a lot of moisture and moisture can easily impact the ability for a camera to get a good picture.

While endoscope is equipped with an anti-fog device near the camera, Dr. Saad Saad felt as if it was not enough. When the camera on a standard endoscope if fogged, it typically must be pulled out of the body so another device for suction can be inserted to remove the moisture that is impeding the view.

Having to pull out the device and put it back in takes a lot of time and can lead to complications in patients as it is more time that the patient has to spend under sedation. It can also be difficult to find the exact location or feature in the body that the medical professional was trying to look at.

Dr. Saad Saad has personally used his new device that includes a suction feature that replaces the anti-fog function on traditional endoscopes. During his career as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has had to use endoscopes quite often in order to help the patients that he is treating. By saving time and making it so he does not have to keep readjusting the focal point, he is able to provide much better outcomes for his patients.

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