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Edwin Miranda is the Chief Executive Officer of a market service agency that is full service and performance driven called KOI IXS. The company is based in three cities in Florida, that is, Miami, San Juan, and Puerto Rico. He is a believer in the art of performance marketing and is committed to helping companies get a broader market share as well as customer acquisition, retention, and engagement. KOI IXS is led by the strong belief and commitment to the mission of the organization to ensure that every company they engage succeeds. Prior to joining the company, Edwin Miranda worked in the marketing sector of Puerto Rico.

At a young age of 21, Edwin Miranda conceived the idea of KOI IXS. It started off as a vision and his passion and great desire contributed to making the idea a success. Today, Edwin gets to work with and lead a team of dedicated and talented designers, creators, strategists, and thinkers. The team has great experience in building successful brands which they adapt to create and deliver successful work to the clients. He ensures that the talents amongst the team are well aligned with the vision of the company to make it the best in such a sharp-edged market.

To consistently deliver good results to clients, Edwin Miranda uses predictive analytics at KOI IXS. This is a process that enhances achievement of personalized marketing. It also helps in measuring and executing technology easily in marketing, something that would previously not be possible. Predictive analytics is becoming common among all levels or organizations and is key in leading innovation in companies. It incorporates machine learning to enhance customer acquisition and growth as well as risk identification.

To remain productive in such a complex schedule, Edwin Miranda wakes up early and sets the activities of the day. He adopts a check-list with short, mid and long-term goals which he reviews on a daily basis. In running a business, Edwin advises leaders to stay true to the passion and it helps clients connect with the business more. He also recommends that leaders should develop a strong and trustworthy team they can easily delegate to.

Edwin Miranda’s: Social Media: www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_M23hDS3UQ

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