End Citizens United Helping Keep Politics Clean By Trying To Reform The Campaign Finance Laws

The corruption in politics has been rising lately, and one of the primary reasons behind it is the increasing use of money. The politics in the United States has been a reason for debate internationally, and the results of the last elections did surprise many around the world. It also apparently showcased that money plays an essential part in how the elections results may turn out. The country needs to have a neutral leadership that would think about all its subjects equally without any prejudice. However, when the money gets involved, it is hard at times to not choose the sides. The political leadership has been seen many times to favor the corporate companies and affluent individuals. It is what can lead to the downfall of the country or stir political and social unrest as it stamps over the interest of the common people.

End Citizens United is a PAC that has been fighting to ensure that the campaign finance rules are changed to provide there is some amount of accountability in the money that flows into the election. With the unaccounted cash flowing into the election, it becomes easier for the corrupt politicians to organize lavish political rallies and political conferences. End Citizens United was set up by Tiffany Mueller, who wants to make the elections clean and unbiased again. She believes that it is what would help the country to move on the right path, and help the interest of the everyday people as well, and not only the rich people and wealthy corporations. End Citizens United aims to achieve its objectives constitutionally by collecting donations from the grassroots donors and using it to fund the politicians who are honest and doesn’t have the corporate backing.

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Since the End Citizens United was launched in 2015, it has supported many politicians who have pledged not to use the corporate money, and the most recent names in this list are Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand. End Citizens United, as a PAC, speaks highly about Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand for their no corporate PAC pledge. It would help in creating awareness among the people as to which politician to choose who would protect their interests over the large companies. It is natural for the politicians to wake up to the fact that the awareness is rising among the population as to how the politicians are manipulating them. Money is the most significant source of manipulation in politics, and when you take it out from it, politics becomes public service in its real essence. According to fec.gov End Citizens United is glad that more and more politicians are choosing the path of honesty and taking the no Corporate PAC pledge so that the big corporations have no control over them or the elections per se.

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