Equities First Holdings your financial partner

Equities First Holdings is a global firm whose main aim is lending based on securities. It has been in operation for over 15 years with more than seven hundred transactions. By giving a simplified loan process, open and secure gives the customers confidence with Equities First Holdings which in return increase the number of sales boosting the accessibility to funds. Equities First Holdings has successfully managed to transact more than $1.4 billion to date. In late 2016, Equities First Holdings moved their Melbourne office to a central location to accommodate the rising number of clients as more staffs were required to meet the demand of the increasing number of customers. In Australia, the firm has two more offices situated in Perth and Sydney with headquarter being at Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A.

Equities First Holdings customers include global financial servicing industries, leading asset management firms, and high net worth persons among others. it has a unique response service which is speedy, flexible and efficient giving it some miles ahead of other lending firms.

The company main motive is to provide loans for its clients who plan to invest in the business or for any other reason. Today, it’s amongst the leading financing firms in the world that have enabled clients to attain professional and personal goals.

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