Eric Lefkofsky: Helping Humanize Technology for Cancer Treatment

When Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, he did so with the intention of making the company the best it could be. He had goals for the business and that’s why he pushed to make sure he had people who were in the medical field help him with it. He co-founded it with a medical professional so he would be taken seriously in the cancer industry and so he could make sure he was helping people the right way. The technology Eric Lefkofsky came up with can help people who have cancer get the treatment they need based on the data from their past. It is something no other medical field has seen before and it helps people connect with opportunities unlike anything else. Eric Lefkofsky did this with the intention of helping to make cancer more humanized.

Technology is important in every industry, but it is especially important for the medical world. People who struggle with diseases are now able to get more help than ever thanks to technology. When people like Eric Lefkofsky start companies with the intention of helping sick people out, they make a difference in the world. Even though Eric Lefkofsky knows Tempus doesn’t have the cure for cancer and doesn’t want to push for the cure, he knows it can make having cancer better. It might make a difference for people who do not have a clear treatment plan or for people who are struggling to get the help they need.

Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky’s dedication to Tempus, the company keeps growing and more people are able to use the date they come up with. It’s important to make people understand so they can try different things and get a better treatment plan. The company spends a lot of time learning about cancer treatment options and what might work better for those who are in need and those who do not have the options that might make it easier for them to get treatment. Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky’s experiences, he knows what he can do to help people while also pushing to make the cancer industry better.

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