Felipe Montoro Jens Reports on Public Schools Development in Rio de Janeiro

The Rio de Janeiro municipality designed Public-Private Partnership, a project set to improve children’s education. The project is a developmental foundation for non-pedagogical services and educational equipment. These are essentials to a comfortable learning environment. The project is also set to develop 20, 000 units within day-care centres. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, by 2020, there will be about 40, 000 new units in pre-schools.

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Background Look

The expansion of PPP will be managed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). IFC is the consulting partner that will issue the implementation of the project for pre-schools as well as city nursery schools. The company received R $ 2.3 million as compensation. As the largest private services developer in the country, IFC is trusted to deliver excellent units for the schools. IFC issued a statement saying that the management applies its financial resources, expertise and innovative thinking to assist its partners in overcoming financial challenges.

Expansion of Public Schools

The expansion project for Rio de Janeiro resembles that of schools of Brazils through Public Private Partnership. The progress was celebrated in Belo Horizonte in July 2012. Investors committed their finances to the project. The pool of investors includes Marcelo Crivella who works in the public sector. When he was the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, he pledged his support for 20,000 units.

Additional Information

PPP was established in 2004. The project has general pitching rules within administrations. As Felipe Montoro Jens explains it; PPP is an alternative government focused on addressing the shortage of resources in catering for public services. The correctional model operates on a concession agreement. Two parties are involved in the contract.


Felipe Montoro Jens reports that such partnerships have been in Brazil before. He recalls a PPP structure that is in line with the law. This law allows the government to be in partnership with private companies. It is all to address the impending shortage of resources.

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