Financial Professional, Brad Reifler


Brad Reifler is the previous founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Pali Capital, Inc. His service as a board member includes the European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions. In 1982 he became the founder of Reifler Trading Corporation. Brad Reifler sold his trading company and expanded himself as a professional that could be globally trusted.

By creating a differentiated strategy, he was able to capture the expansion in Hedge Funds. In 1995 he was responsible for global exchange, global derivatives, and creating custom investments for Refco Inc. He serves as the director of ITG Investment Research Inc. and ROOT Exchange.  He’s also popular on Twitter, as well as his page.

Brad Reifler combined his research with credit analysis and derivative structures. He then taught traders how to execute and articulate the packaged strategy.

In 2009 he became the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Management LLC. With several subsidiaries, Forefront Capital, LLC is one of his main focuses. Brad Reifler is able to attract top investment bankers, investment advisers, and business leaders to the firm thanks to subsidiaries under the Forefront umbrella. Reifler is a business strategist, founder, and executive adviser.

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