Former Reptonian Scores On the Hockey Field

Sports play a tremendous role at the Repton School. This is one school that recognizes how a finely honed sports team can provide students with values they will take with them for the rest of their lives. It’s also a school where the ability to play is extended to all students whenever possible. For many students, this is a school that helps them develop the kind of athletic talent they can also take with them to other places. It’s a skill that one former student has taken to next level in her life. Esme Burge was a part of the Repton School starting in 2012. Since her time on this beloved campus, she’s decided to make the world of sports one of the most important things in her own life.

A Strong School Record

Esme Burge has long been involved in sports. When she was the school’s 1st XI co-captain before her graduation, she was one of the stars of the sporting world at the school. In her role as the team’s captain, she was instrumental in seeing the team head to victory multiple times. This team achieved victory with help from everyone at Lee Valley. This was for the highly prestigious national championships. It was a feat that she took to heart and one that she helped by building a team capable of taking on many comers at all levels of the sport. With her work, she won eight separate national school title and set an impressive school wide record.

An International Hockey Debut

It was the confidence she gained when she was part of this team that led her to realize she could choose to make this sport one that could serve as her own home. She decided it was time to think about looking at this sport on an even higher level. To that goal, she found the time to make an international hockey debut that has showed off her many talents she honed while a student at this school. Here, she learned to enjoy being part of a hockey team and looking to achieve high competition level play.

Help From So Many Sources

Many sources have helped Burge find her way to international play. The school has a Director of Hockey and Performance Sport Lead. Martin Jones occupies this position and remains deeply proud her achievements as a member of the FIH pro league. This new league is one that allows people from nine nations to play together in global sports. He is very pleased that she’s taken her own play to the next level and gone for it. He believes this chance is one that is well deserved as well as an example of the kind of athlete the community at Repton School has repeatedly been shown to inspire. Her work can serve as an example to the students in this community. It is a role that he hopes others in the community will make the choice to emulate.

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