Francisco Domenech Is Paving A Positive Pathway For Puerto Rico

A superdelegate is not pledged to any one party during elections and their status has enabled many candidates to win political races. A superdelegate can be an elected official, former presidents, or leaders of organizations like the Democratic National Committee.

We now introduce Francisco J. Domenech who was a superdelegate for the 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential campaign. Francisco was working for the Democratic National Committee and the Young Democrats of America representing Puerto Rico. Today Francisco Domenech is a lawyer and managing partner of the lobbying firm Politank in Puerto Rico.

He worked tenaciously for the 2016 Ready for Hillary campaign to elect Hillary Clinton as president. Hillary was in favor of Puerto Rico becoming a state. Francisco served as the Co-Chair for Hillary’s National Finance Committee. He is also a leading spokesperson for Puerto Rico and its current and future prospects. Follow Domenech on Twitter

Francisco’s name is associated with the 40 Under 40 annual event in Puerto Rico. 40 Under 40 is an event that recognizes young professionals and entrepreneurs of this Caribbean island. The reason this honor is bestowed upon the winners is because they are young talents who remained loyal citizens to Puerto Rico.

The 40 Under 40 honor recognizes the courage and strength that the young professionals display by staying loyal to Puerto Rico during the many economic challenges that the Island is facing. The 40 Under 40 decided to stay and start businesses with tax incentives and unique branding solutions.

The recent 40 Under 40 nominees were a part of a selection process that had not occurred before. Now the elections and honorees would be chosen by the Caribbean Business readers. The awardees deserve this honor.

In 2015, thousands of young professionals left Puerto Rico which depleted the island of much needed capital skills. The 40 Under 40 process involved 59 nominees identified on the Caribbean Business websites and after the readers voted the top 40 were placed on a final list.

The finalists represent all types of industries from agriculture and healthcare to IT and architecture. Naturally, there must be a top winner and even though secrecy is involved in the process, it is rumored that Francisco J. Domenech received the most votes.



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