George Soros Takes a Long term Approach to Campaign Finance

The work of wealthy donors during any election cycle, whether it be a local election or a national Presidential election is often viewed in a simple way with only news of the donations made directly to a candidate or party discussed in the media. For well-known Democrat George Soros the need to give on a major scale is not limited to simply providing his financial backing to the major candidates he sees as sharing his left leaning beliefs; instead, George Soros looks to back a number of Super PAC’s and groups he believes will aid the people of the U.S. in making the best decisions based on the work they complete to fight for the rights of individuals and elect candidates with a left leaning outlook. George Soros is seeking new and interesting ways of exploring the political landscape of the U.S. in new and interesting ways by working with a team of advisors and political experts to make sure the people of the U.S. have many different options open to them in terms of voting for their chosen candidate, according to

George Soros has had a varied political outlook on life and government rule that he feels includes his own opinions playing a major role in the formation of policy for liberal candidates across the U.S. A recent Politico article detailed the ways in which George Soros is looking to affect criminal and social justice change across the U.S. by making sure Democrat’s and left leaning candidates for various prosecutor roles are drawn from minority groups and allow female’s the opportunity to gain new positions of power at local and state level. Soros believes the fact the majority of prosecutors and district attorney’s across the U.S. are reelected unopposed and are white males allows racism and unfair decisions to continue to be made across the nation. In providing his support for Democrat’s fighting local election campaigns George Soros has already begun to show his belief the party must look to back grassroots candidates if they are to once again become a political force across the U.S.

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In his political outlook, George Soros looks to make many different changes to the world around him and has recently been seeking the assistance of many of the top donors to the Democratic Party who have often been inspired by the work of the hedge fund manager born in 1930 in Hungary. In providing his funding for minority groups to protect their voting rights and make sure as many minority voters exercise their human rights during an election cycle as possible Soros is showing his feeling s about equality, which include his choice to back Hillary Clinton for President and appoint Dawn McKenzie as Chief Investment Officer at his own Soros Fund Management brand, according to Forbes.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

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