Getting The Best of Both Worlds: Mega Richard Liu

Richard Liu is a dentist-turned-capital investor. He was born in a doctors family, hence, he consequent career choice was quite evident. His mother is a dentist who encouraged and guided him on becoming one himself. Having both parents in medicine provided him with vital firsthand knowledge about different aspects regarding his profession throughout his childhood. He earned degree in dentistry from Harvard School of Dentistry and worked at Evergreen Dental Care. He not only served the community medically but also imparted valuable knowledge of restorative dentistry to students at Harvard University.

Richard Liu spent years as a renowned dentist in the region, but soon got attracted to the business world when he saw its aspects of investment, business development, and technology. He felt like after a successful career in one field, he needed a change which he found in capital investment. Following his passion, he began supporting consumer goods and technology businesses through the capital. Soon, he realized that his passion can be turned into a full-time career choice.

He attained an MBA degree from MIT to educate himself about the second career path he had chosen for himself. He wanted to learn the skills required to run a business so that he could incur benefits for himself and the loyalty of his customers. He started working for CRT Capital and then, FTV Capital as an analyst; both the experiences that offered him substantial experience that could help him in his future endeavors in the industry.

Liu finally started his business, Morningside Venture Capital, which helped many small businesses in numerous industries including media, technology, and artificial intelligence. After excelling in both the career choices he opted for, Liu believes that you must remain motivated and determined irrespective of the profession; that’s the only key to success.

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