Gino Pozzo Explains Why Watford Can Survive The Sacking Of A Coach

For the majority of soccer teams around the world, the philosophy of their head coach is linked to their DNA. If we think of the genius of Pep Guardiola or Juergen Klopp at Manchester City and Liverpool we think of their particular style of play. Watford owner Gino Pozzo is undoubtedly an admirer of these coaches but believes his own team does not have the financial clout to follow in their footsteps. Instead, Pozzo believes Watford benefit more from a dedicated style of play implemented from a young age through to those playing in the English Premier League week in and week out.

When Gino Pozzo arrived at Watford in 2012, the club was still harking back to the glory days of the former owner, Sir Elton John and head coach, Graham Taylor. The duo played a key role in the development of the club in the late-1970s and in the early 21st-century when the club enjoyed a brief one-season stay in the Premier League.

after arriving at the club, Gino Pozzo immediately revealed his masterplan for the future, which consisted of the head coach taking a backseat in the development of younger players. The Italian-born, former Udinese executive revealed research showing the average journey of a coach at a mid-level team in the Premier League was just two seasons. Because of this statistic, Gino Pozzo believed giving the responsibility of developing young players to a head coach seemed a difficult thing to do. Instead, an extensive network of coaches has been developed who continue their work regardless of who is occupying the manager’s office at Vicarage Road alongside that of Chair Gino Pozzo and CEO Scott Duxbury.

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