Gino Pozzo investment in football clubs

His education and sports background

Gino Pozzo is the holder of Watford football club which makes him the trending personality in sports. He went to pursue his education in the U.S. where he attained a Masters at Harvard University. The family has been involved in sports club possession as his father bought the Udinese club. Currently, the Pozzos possess and handle electric devices in Spain. Moreover, they have invested in assets and also football clubs. Over the past, they sold their woodworking venture to concentrate on sports. The businessman has created a reputable image of owning football clubs.

Their impact towards Watford

Gino Pozzo together with his family bought Watford football club in 2012. During that period, the club had many debts, and they were struggling to elevate their league. He suggested that the family has faith in the club and they will continue to work with it in the future. Through the purchase of the club, the Pozzos were ranked first to possess three clubs in different countries. It resulted in the Wall Street Journal to write an article about the news. Gino Pozzo decided to sell most of his shares in Granada football club to Jiang Lizhang. The reason was that he wanted to focus on the two clubs, Udinese and Watford. These clubs are fundamental to him.

His passion and advises

Gino Pozzo states that it is crucial to be transparent when recruiting the club’s panel. Football is a long- term development which you never know what shall happen in the future. To motivate the young players, the family thanks to the manager’s concepts. His interest in football is what keeps him inspired at Watford. It might be the key to his success in investing in football clubs. Gino Pozzo keeps on investing with the club in the field and bringing new signings. Also, he develops the team’s training field and the stadium for the fans.

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