Greg Blatt: A Marvel of Success

Greg Blatt is an energetic and successful businessman who has an impressive resume as a top executive. He has been a powerful, productive force for the online dating companies Match Group, Tinder and IAC. Under Blatt’s direction, their user bases and revenues both have grown, making them leaders in their industry. Moreover, Greg Blatt‘s business acumen has revitalized and changed the online dating landscape.


A veteran of online dating businesses, Blatt has held many executive positions at Match Group, Tinder and IAC. At IAC, Blatt first served as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel, along with being a member of the Office of the Chairman. As General Counsel, Greg Blatt handled the human resources, communications and legal functions of the company (Digitalmode).


From 2003 to early 2009 while at IAC, Greg acted as Executive Vice President and General Counsel. He was also a member of the office of the Chairman. From 2009 until 2017, he was the CEO of all three companies. When he was CEO at Tinder and Match Group, he held for some time the positions of chairman and executive chairman. In these capacities, Greg Blatt was responsible for the legal, human resources and communications functions of IAC.


These high positions of responsibility at three companies demonstrate Blatt’s versatility and his ability to work simultaneously in different areas and attain success. Moreover, these roles are evidence of the value of his ability to consistently succeed while exercising flexibility because all these companies have experienced growth during his tenure. Further proof of Greg Blatt worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Blatt, who has a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Columbia Law School and served as an associate at several law firms four years before coming to Martha Stewart’s company, organized and supervised the company’s transactions and legal activities.


Because of Blatt’s legal guidance and supervision, the company’s success was not impeded by litigation. His natural talents, his drive and his knowledge of the law have enabled Greg Blatt to make wise and careful decisions at Martha Stewart’s company and also as an executive at three online dating companies.


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