Greg Blatt Spearheads Tech Sector in Online Dating

Greg Blatt is one of the most accomplished business leaders in history. With necessary skills and experience under his belt, he has propelled the three major online dating companies, Tinder, Match Group, and IAC into achieving massive success (Bloomberg).

Greg enrolled at Colgate University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature/Letters and Economics and later joined the Columbia Law School to study law where he graduated with a Doctor of Law. Over the years, Blatt has held executive positions at Tinder, Match Group and IAC. To start with, in 2010 he was appointed the CEO of IAC with the responsibility of overseeing the strategic leadership and business operations.

Before the appointment, Greg served as the IAC’s CEO of Match Segment with the roles in people media, match segment,, singles net, and match’s International Investments. Between 2003 and 2009, Greg served Executive Vice President of IAC.

Before joining IAC, Greg served as Executive Vice president, Business Affairs, Secretary and general counsel at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. where he directed the company’s transactions and legal activities.

Some of the groundbreaking steps Greg Blat took that brought enormous success to the Tinder company was “Tinder Plus Subscription offering.” With no time, the membership in this plan had crossed a million lines. Besides, during Mr. Greg’s tenure in Match Group, the company experienced an unmatched growth rate of users of up to five-fold a rare achievement by most of the accomplished business leaders.

One of the lessons an aspiring leader can learn from this entrepreneurial genius is the importance of specialization to a particular industry. The secret behind this is accruing experience in the field and gaining the mastery of its operations and trends.

Greg has shown outstanding persistence and consistency during his career, which has acted as his driving force to the top positions. Greg Blatt´s accomplishments in his multiple posts, job titles, and industries prove he is a leader to be copied by the millennial leaders across the globe.

Greg prides himself of the great success he has achieved in the business outlook, the company, and the customers, above all bringing millions of people together to create a fantastic family.

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