Guilherme Paulus And The Recognition That People Have Given Him

Various organizations have honored Guilherme Paulus for his longstanding work in the Brazilian tourism industry. He is a speaker in Forum Conectividade – Hub de Negocios, in the Renaissance Theater. It will be a very exciting event for those who are involved in the tourism industry. It is expected that a count of about 300 people will be present at the forum. There will be widespread discussions about how tourism can be taken up a notch in Brazil. Tourism is already pretty good, though one must not factor out the fact that improvement must always be striven for.

The business expert was also mentioned in a 10th anniversary, special edition issue of Performance Leader Magazine. The magazine highlighted who he is and what he has done. According to the article, he has been running his tour operator company, CVC, for forty-seven years. He has been the main guy involved in making very important decisions and changes in the Brazilian tourism agency.

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Guilherme Paulus has also been awarded a plaque for having his company do business in a certain locality of Brazil. The beautiful plaque has been earned as a result of the fact that his business has generated income for that locality over thirty years of business. The plaque was given to commemorate the day when he first started to do business there thirty years ago.

Guilherme Paulus knows all of the ins and outs of his company. It stands to reason that he would, since he is the founder of CVC and has stayed with it for its entire duration. Performance Leader Magazine considered him to be the most powerful man in Latin America’s tourism industry. He has definitely come a long way from the company’s founding, when it was relatively small—at least compared to how it is, now. It is without a doubt that millions of tourists and commuters have benefited from the activities that his company has taken part in throughout the years.


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