Gustavo Martinez’s Marketing Success Mantras

Gustavo Martinez is one of the best-known marketing consultants today. He has more than 35 years of experience in marketing and advertising. He has worked for well-known advertising and marketing companies throughout his career and has helped to enhance the growth of all the companies. He has worked with teams and created advertisements that have lingered in the minds of viewers and converted many into customers. The advertisements have also become the touchstones of pop-culture.

Gustavo Martinez was born in Buenos Aires and grew up in Italy and Spain. He attended the Universidad de Barcelona and earned a degree and Ph.D. in Economics. He later attended the Universidad de Navarra IESE and earned a PDG. He started his career as product manager of Henkel Iberica. He joined Price Waterhouse in 1991and was their manager for the strategic consulting department. The department ran projects in Spain and Portugal. He later became the head of the McCann Erickson Communications Group with headquarters in Barcelona. In 1999, he was chosen to become president of Ogilvy and Mather, Argentina. He served the company in various senior positions. In 2011, Gustavo Martinez, he joined McCann Worldgroup and oversaw their operations in over 45 countries. In 2011, he became the Global President of J. Walter Thompson. He has started working for the WPP holding company South Europe and Latin America from the year 2016.

Gustavo Martinez believes that the most important part of marketing is the ability to be creative. Marketing professionals have to constantly find new and innovative ways to make products interesting to potential customers. Products and companies marketing products can only be successful if their advertising campaigns are successful. He believes that the trial and error approach of traditional marketing is not viable today. Companies have to use analytics, functionality, design and, technology to predict the success of their marketing campaign from the day they start the campaign. Martinez believes that successful marketing requires creativity and hard work. He makes sure that the creative talents of each member of his team are recognized and appreciated. Martinez says that the future of advertising and marketing will be by making optimum use of the internet of things. He advices young professionals to show an eagerness to learn from other talented people. Martinez believes that one must be charitable but should contribute to charities anonymously. Martinez helps companies succeed by hiring the best available talent and paying them well for their creative services.

Gustavo Martinez is a marketing professional with a heart. He believes in promoting and recognizing the best creative marketing and advertising talent in the industry. He is also personally enriched by donating generously to charitable causes anonymously. These two qualities he believes are his mantras for success.


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